April 2008 (#85)

In this update:

  • Lobbying Code of Conduct – Exposure Draft
  • Recent Meetings involving TIA representatives
  • The Situation in Kenya
  • Transparency in Public Sector Construction Projects

Lobbying Code of Conduct � Exposure Draft

Following the WA lead and as part of its higher integrity policy, guidance and a registration process have been given to lobbyists by the government in Canberra. It does not extend to the conduct of Ministers or officials except to lay down stricter minimum freeze-out periods for Ministers and officials leaving their posts before they can lobby in the same area. The draft Code of Conduct is open for comment until close of business on 16 April 2008.

Recent Meetings involving TIA representatives

� Recently, TIA’s Chairman, Frank Costigan, and Board member, David Mattiske, held a discussion with Dr Peter Brain, Executive Director of the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research. Matters discussed were the economic perspectives of corruption. Dr Brain has played an important role in providing top level advice to both Federal and State governments on economic issues, and sees corruption as a pernicious activity that contributes to economic inefficiency and the mal-distribution of income and wealth. Dr Brain suggested that TI needs a Technical Committee/Council to identify resources that could undertake technical analysis and provide advice on such matters as corruption and its relationship to economics.

� TIA participated in the 17 March 2008 launch of the impressive report �From Corruption to Good Governance� prepared by the Justice and International Mission Unit of the Uniting Church in Australia. We are glad to commend the report and help to give it the prominence it deserves. �From Corruption to Good Governance� covers an array of initiatives now in existence to counter corruption abroad.

The Situation in Kenya

Transparency International Kenya has released comment on the situation in Kenya in their newsletter, Adili.

Transparency in Public Sector Construction Projects

The UK Anti-Corruption Forum has published a discussion paper, Transparency in Public Sector Construction Projects. The Forum believes that greater transparency in public sector construction projects would help reduce corruption, and that governments should require the provision of such transparency. The UK Anti-Corruption Forum is an alliance of UK business associations, professional institutions, civil society organisations and companies with interests in the domestic and international infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors. The purpose of the Forum is to promote industry-led actions which can help to eliminate corruption.


  •  28-30 May 2008: Public Sector Fraud & Corruption Conference 2008 in Canberra
  •  11 September 2008: Corruption Prevention Network Forum in Sydney
  •  5-7 November 2008: 7th National Investigations Symposium at Manly Pacific Hotel, Sydney