April 2014 (#184)

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  • Recruiting – Transparency International Australia
  • Stop Secret Contracts Campaign
  • C20 Australia Committee inviting comment
  • Events

Recruiting – Transparency International Australia

TI Australia has advertised this key Business Development Manager role which gives the successful applicant an opportunity to contribute to global policy outcomes.


Stop Secret Contracts Campaign

The Stop Secret Contracts Campaign website notes that: ‘Governments around the world spend over $9.5 trillion each year buying goods and services through public contracts. But citizens are denied access to information about who gets this money, how it was awarded, what was agreed and what it buys for them. Without proper transparency and accountability, vast sums of public money will continue to be lost to fraud, corruption, overcharging, and under-delivery by private contractors.’ The Corruption Watch website gives further information.


C20 Australia Committee inviting comment

Until 22 April the Australian C20 Steering Committee is inviting comments on civil society’s recommendations to the G20 around the four themes: Inclusive Growth and Employment, Infrastructure, Climate and Sustainability, and Governance.



14 May 2014 in Melbourne – 1st TIA Victorian Event: Focus on Corruption – Seven Views to Consider: 5.15-7.30pm at Crown Promenade, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank. Hear from the distinguished panel about the impact of corruption on Australia.  Enquiries: registration.vic@charteredaccountants.com.au or call 03 9641 7400.


17-18 June 2014 in Brisbane: Corruption, Integrity Systems and the G20: Using Anti-Corruption to Protect Growth and Development in the G20 and Beyond: a two-day workshop & conference held ahead of the November 2014 G20 meetings in Brisbane. For those interested in anti-corruption: politicians, NGOs and community representatives; business leaders; policy makers; and researchers. Registrations are now open via the link above.


TI Australia e-Update #184

April 2014

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