August 2015 (#205)

In this update:

  • Australia lags in political funding reporting and enforcement
  • The Australian constitution, rights and Magna Carta
  • The invisible worm: how corruption invades and destroys a community
  • Why corruption matters
  • We Need A Greater Focus On Transparency
  • FIFA fails to tackle corruption crisis

Australia lags in political funding reporting and enforcement

A recent TI Australia media release notes that a new global study into political funding reporting shows Australia lags behind many developed countries in transparency of political donations and enforcement of political financing regulations. The 54 country study, Money, Politics and Transparency, provides detail on political finance laws and practices.


The Australian Constitution, Rights and Magna Carta

Big Ideas (20.7.15) gave an edited version of an event which focused on Magna Carta and the Australian Constitution. TI Australia Board member, Neville Tiffen, represented TIA on the panel.


The invisible worm: how corruption invades and destroys a community

In a lecture originally broadcast on ABC RN, Geoffrey Watson, former ICAC counsel, calls for the creation of a strong and independent federal anti-corruption commission.


Why corruption matters

An Evidence Paper published by the UK Department for International Development addresses the question ‘What are the conditions that facilitate corruption, what are its costs and what are the most effective ways to combat it?


We Need A Greater Focus On Transparency

The Huffington Post (21.7.15) has called for greater focus on transparency at COP21 — the major UN Summit to be held in Paris in November and December 2015, when the world’s governments plan to agree on a legally binding action plan to tackle climate change.


FIFA fails to tackle corruption crisis

Transparency International says that measures announced by FIFA in July fall far short of what is required to clean out corruption at FIFA and its associations.



Reflections on Corruption: NSW & Beyond Conference – 28 August 2015: A Law Society of NSW conference with a focus on ethics and regulatory systems. With Prof J Pat Dobel, University of Washington; TI Australia Chair, Roger Gyles AO QC; Quentin Dempster AM; Arthur Moses SC and more.


16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) – 2-4 September 2015 – registrations open: The IACC will attract up to 1,000 participants from over 135 countries. Under the theme Ending Impunity: People. Integrity. Action, the conference will be held in Putrajaya, Malaysia.



Monday 7 September – National Workshop on the Powers and Performance of Australian Anti-Corruption Agencies: more details to follow.


TI Australia e-Update #205

August 2015

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