Blueprint for reform

How do we ensure greater transparency, accountability, and integrity across our government and political system?

Every major political party and Independent has agreed on the need for reform. But what shape will these reforms take?

In this latest piece of research, Governing for Integrity – a blueprint for reform, we present draft recommendations based on wide-ranging consultations with experts, government agencies and everyday Australians.

In this draft report we present the architecture of a new system – one that goes beyond punishing corruption and fosters the highest level of integrity across our government and parliament.

We invite you to consider these recommendations and join our conversation about how we can bring about the best of our democracy.

This draft report was launched at the National Integrity Forum in Melbourne on April 3, and the discussions will continue at another forum in Canberra on April 15th, in partnership with the Accountability Round Table and Griffith University.

Submissions, comments and responses to the draft report are welcome by 10 May.

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Download the full report here

Download the summary here

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