December 2014 (#195)

In this update:


  • Australia must stop its slide into corruption
  • PNG gets attention from Canberra
  • Shell Companies again under scrutiny
  • More serious foreign aid cuts
  • Queensland Event

Australia must stop its slide into corruption

This lead article in the latest TI Australia newsletter was written by TIA Director, Neville Tiffen. It is an abridged version of an article originally published by Fairfax Media.


PNG gets attention from Canberra

In the context of ongoing high level PNG investigations and an imminent challenge the PNG Prime Minister being mounted in the Leadership Tribunal of PNG to, the recent visits to Port Moresby by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and two other Commonwealth Ministers are significant:


Shell Companies again under scrutiny

Following the inclusion of ‘Beneficial Ownership Transparency’ by the G20 Brisbane Summit leaders, as one of their 6 priorities, social media continues to explain how shell companies are part of corrupt networks. This issue will almost certainly arise in the evaluation of Australia’s performance of our AM-L obligations (FATF report expected in February 2015).


More serious foreign aid cuts

ACFID comments that ‘Government promises on aide are worthless’. Stephen Howes at the ANU has given an excellent analysis of the foreign aid cuts on the Development Policy Centre blog.




Brisbane – 9 February 2015: Accountability and the Law – Safeguarding against corruption in Queensland is a one-day conference examining accountability and transparency issues in Queensland. Read more here.


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December 2014


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