December 2018 (#241)



Thank you for your support throughout 2018 to tackle corruption.

We tackle corruption by working together: by collectively calling for a world in which governments are accountable to their people, the practices of business and industry are sensitive to the social and environmental footprint of their actions, and community organisations genuinely and fairly serve the people they represent.

Over this past year, thanks to the support of our members, donors, and people like you, we have been building our organisation from the ground up. We have new staff, new roles, new partnerships and new members. This has enabled us to lead an effective fight against corruption.

  • Our Corruption Perceptions Index and our national survey tracked how experts as well as ordinary Australians perceive corruption in Australia. Both surveys have sounded alarms, highlighting the need for fairer democratic processes.

Next year, we will continue to:

  • engage in key political debates so that Australia’s anti-corruption watchdog will be as robust and well-coordinated as possible.
  • Engage broadly and deeply in key conversations around money laundering in the property market, whistle-blower legislation, and foreign bribery.
  • Prepare for our conference Tackling Corruption Together – and we look forward to seeing you there!
  • Prepare for the launch of next year’s Corruption Perceptions Index. We will launch our report on January 30 so please Save the Date.

I look forward to continuing this important work in 2019.

Best wishes,

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With all parties now committed to the establishment of a National Integrity Commission, Griffith University and TIA’s National Integrity Systems Assessment Survey remains open until 31st January 2019.

Please do take the time to assist TIA, and partners, to shape Australia’s future National Integrity Commission – have your say

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30 January 2019

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31 January 2019


The TIA team wish you a happy holiday – and a happy world anti-corruption day!