February 2014 (#181)

In this update:

  • Allegations of Union Corruption in Australia
  • European Commission EU Anti-Corruption Report
  • Proposed changes to the UK Bribery Act
  • Climate Change and corruption
  • Let sport triumph, not corruption
  • Events

Allegations of Union Corruption in Australia

A TI Australia media release highlights the seriousness of recent allegations in relation to the administration of some trade unions in Australia. TI Australia Chair, Roger Gyles AO QC, who headed up a royal commission into the NSW construction industry in the early 1990s, said in the press, ‘It is concerning that the sorts of practices I saw…are not only re-occurring but apparently may be at a more serious level with the involvement of bikies.’

European Commission EU Anti-Corruption Report

Transparency International notes that the EU Anti-Corruption Report is ‘a stark warning that much more needs to be done by all Member States… across the EU there are systematic corruption risks and governance failings in such areas as party financing and whistleblower protection.’ Further TI comment.

Proposed changes to the UK Bribery Act

The UK Serious Fraud Office is proposing vast new fines against companies and banks which fail to prevent financial crime by their staff.

Climate Change and corruption

Transparency International has commented about that corruption could cripple climate finance unless this risk is addressed.

Let sport triumph, not corruption

Transparency International notes, ‘Major sporting events are supposed to be celebrations of excellence and should be a cause for national pride. But it’s corruption that’s stealing the headlines… (At) the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, it is high costs, lack of transparency and…allegations of corruption that are making the news, not sport.’



Individual Behaviour, Culture and Whistleblowing in Organisations – 4 March 2014 in Brisbane: a networking and discussion session with speakers: Jim Box, Dr AJ Brown and Howard Whitton. To be held 5.30-7pm at UHY Haines Norton, Level 11, 42-60 Albert Street, Brisbane. RSVP by 25 February to Jeanette Kelleher, UHY Haines Norton, on 07 3210 5500 or j.kelleher@uhyhn.com.au

Anti-Corruption Australia – 25-26 March 2014 in Sydney: Think your company is safe from the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act and the Australian Criminal Code? Think again. Local and foreign authorities are taking a stance against corruption involving Australian companies. Hear from senior government officials, and legal and compliance officers from Australia’s leading multi-national companies.


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February 2014

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