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TI Australia

TI Australia is the national chapter of Transparency International (TI), the global coalition against corruption, with a presence in over 100 countries.

We fully support TI’s Vision, Objectives and Guiding Principles and Mission and Strategy as the only international non-governmental organisation focusing exclusively on the issue of corruption. TI believes that corruption is one of the greatest challenges of the contemporary world. Since TI’s launch in 1993, corruption has become a global issue and the World Bank among others has credited TI’s key role in achieving this.

Launch and Members

TI Australia was launched in March 1995 to raise awareness of international business corruption in Australia and to initiate moves to combat it. Our Memorandum and Articles were first adopted in 1995 and amended in November 2003. See TI Australia Constitution.

TI Australia’s members include some of Australia’s largest companies, as well as organisations from the development sector. TI Australia’s Cornerstone Partners are leaders in their sector who choose to be at the forefront of integrity in business and publicly demonstrate their commitment to reducing corruption in all its forms. Support also comes from companies with international business interests, the accounting, legal and engineering professions, the academic community, enforcement agencies, political leaders, and non-governmental organisations. We also have a growing group of committed individual members.

New Members

We always welcome new members. To find out who should become a member and why, see
Who should support TI Australia? For details of how to become a member please see our Membership Application Form.

Directors and Management

TI Australia has a Board of Directors – see Board of Directors. Directors are nominated by the Board and can serve until the next AGM, when the nomination is put to the Members for their vote. Directors serve 3 year terms after which they are required to retire or submit for re-election at the next AGM. TI Australia has a small staff team, led by the Chief Executive Officer, which conducts day to day affairs and project activity. They receive considerable support from the Chairman, other Directors and members who work on an ‘as required’ basis. TI Australia is an affiliate member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID). Administration is sub-contracted on a part-time basis to a small company that specialises in administration of non-for-profit organisations. All Directors work for TI Australia on a voluntary, pro bono basis.

Funding and Accounts

Core operating expenses are derived primarily from membership fees, other donations and project funding. On occasion Directors have undertaken professional work on major Transparency International projects and donated their fees to TI Australia. Projects are undertaken as additional funding allows. Over the past 6 years TI Australia has received support with gratitude, as cash and in kind from a vast array of Australian and international organisations. Most years the amount raised for project activities far exceeds the core operating budget. The CEO provides regular reports to the Chairman the Board. The Company Accounts are audited annually by PwC on a pro bono basis and the audited Financial statements are sent to TI Australia members prior to the AGM.

State Groups

TI Australia has groups in ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia led by State Convenors. The State Convenors provide voluntary support to TI Australia. We are most grateful for their contribution. Many of our meetings are run in partnership with other organisations concerned about international corruption.

TI Australia’s work in Asia Pacific

TI Australia convened TI’s first ever regional meeting in Asia jointly with TI Philippines in 1995. Since then, new TI national chapters have been launched in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Nepal, South Korea, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Vanuatu, Pakistan and New Zealand with TI contact persons in other countries. TI Australia supported many of these new chapters with technical advice and information as they were developing. TI Australia representatives attend a regional meeting of Chapters and report on outcomes. With the support of AusAid and in conjunction with the Asia Pacific School at the ANU Canberra, 12 integrity studies were conducted of South Pacific countries and completed in 2004. These studies are available from the TI Australia website.

Legislative Changes

TI Australia makes regular submissions to government on many issues.



TI Australia is committed to complying with ACFID's Code of Conduct and the Code’s complaints handling process.