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Mining for Sustainable Development

Led by TI Australia, Transparency International’s ‘Mining for Sustainable Development’ programme (M4SD) seeks to enhance the contribution of mining to sustainable economic and human development through a focus on enhanced transparency and accountability in awarding mining-related permits, licences and contracts across a range of national jurisdictions.

Mineral endowments have been a developmental blessing for many countries the world over. At the same time, an estimated 680 million people in resource-rich countries still live on less than USD 2 per day.

For these people, wealth in mineral resources has failed to deliver what it has promised: sustainable economic and social development that benefits the many, not only a few. Opacity and a lack of mutual trust have contributed to an environment that does not enable multi-stakeholder dialogue and action. But change is possible, and a better future is within reach.

The problem needs to be tackled at its roots: a lack of transparency and accountability in the first stage of the mining value chain when decisions about mining approvals are made.

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