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Cornerstone Membership


The Cornerstone Membership program is an anti-corruption program aimed at helping Australian businesses:
  •  raise awareness of corruption risks and issues, especially for businesses operating in high risk countries
  •  promote a culture of honesty, integrity and transparency
  • protect and enhance reputation and bottom line

There is a particular focus that will benefit directors and senior management, assisting them to embed an ethical culture in all levels of the organisation.

The program incorporates the following elements:
  • Annual Anti‐Corruption discussions at Board Level
  • Executive Roundtable Discussions
  • In‐House Forums
  • Information and Transparency International Policy Updates
  • Country Induction Programs
  • Disclosure of Your Commitment Publicly
As a Cornerstone Member, you would be able to demonstrate:
  • Engagement in dealing with the global problem of corruption
  • Confidence in your commitment and programs
  • Your commitment to anti-corruption


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TI Australia Cornerstone Membership Form


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