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Who Should Support TI?

Who should support TI Australia?

Those who are aware that corruption hurts everyone.

  • Corruption deepens poverty, it distorts social and economic development and erodes the provision of essential public services.
  • It undermines democracy, leading to loss of legitimacy, public trust and support.
  • Instead of fair competition based on price, quality and innovation, corruption leads to competitive bribery. This harms trade and deters new investment.
  • Corruption threatens the environment. When environmental protection agencies are corrupt, the very foundations of human development are eroded.
  • Corruption fosters human rights abuse. As corruption increases, regimes become more secretive, and basic social and economic rights are threatened.

Who should support TI Australia? Everyone who is concerned with the problem of corruption – its economic, political and social consequences – and wish to see improved transparency, accountability and national integrity, including:

  • businesses which seek fair and honest competition in all their markets,
  • professional firms which advise on international trade and investment,
  • development aid organisations which wish to see development aid funds well used and to support good public sector and corporate governance and an active role for civil society,
  • political leaders who believe in TI’s non-partisan approach and wish to see Australia setting an ethical example,
  • academic researchers and advisers on good governance, integrity and business ethics,
  • public officials who from personal commitment wish to join in a private capacity,
  • media people concerned about public accountability,
  • community groups with an interest in democracy, development and human rights,
  • concerned individuals.

What benefits do supporters receive?

TI Australia membership benefits for individual and organisational members include:

  • participation in the development of TI in Australia and overseas,
  • eUpdates on the latest local and international TI developments (by email)
  • Transparency International and TI Australia newsletters, currently quarterly,
  • invitations to TI Australia meetings in ACT, NSW, Victoria & WA,
  • voting at TI Australia general meetings,
  • patrons receive public acknowledgment for their support, as agreed.

TI Australia Members receive a copy of the quarterly TI Australia newsletter.

Organisation Members receive 5 copies of TI Australia newsletters.

To view the benefits of Corporate Membership click on the Membership / Corporate Membership on the TI Australia website.

What can I do to help?

If you share TI Australia’s aims and wish to help us, you can do so in many ways including:

  • promoting TI in your organisation or business field,
  • helping to organise TI events,
  • conference speaking,
  • article writing,
  • representing TI Australia in dealings with government, business and other interest groups,
  • participating in TI missions overseas,


TI Australia is committed to complying with ACFID's Code of Conduct and the Code’s complaints handling process.