July 2008 (#88)

In this update:

  • Canberra Inquiry into Integrity Oversight Bodies
  • Whistleblowing Inquiry
  • Australian interest in preventing judicial corruption
  • Bribery of Foreign Officials
  • TI Comments on G8 Summit in Japan
  • TI Australia latest newsletter – August 2008

Canberra Inquiry into Integrity Oversight Bodies

A Parliamentary Committee is presently conducting a wide-ranging inquiry into the existing integrity oversight bodies. This covers the Australian Federal Police and other key enforcement agencies, including the various state anti-corruption agencies. Already some very interesting submissions are on file. A good case can be made for enlarging the jurisdiction of ACLEI and for integrating it and others under a comprehensive umbrella agency. TI Australia intends to lodge a submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity.

Whistleblowing Inquiry

An important Inquiry is to be held by a Committee of the House of Representatives into whistleblowing in the federal public sector. The inquiry will cover issues such as: who could blow the whistle; what disclosures should be protected; and what conditions on protection should be imposed. Submissions are to be made by 1 August 2008 to the Inquiry into whistleblowing protections within the Australian Government public sector.

Australian interest in preventing judicial corruption

Australians have shown great interest in the 2007 Global Corruption Report which focused on the issue of judicial corruption. Last year’s report had the most visibility of any report to date and the highest level of hits on the TI website. Hits from Australia (47,374) registered at the second highest level for any country – on a per capita basis arguably the highest. The GCR 2008 is on corruption in the water sector, including irrigation and sanitation.

Bribery of Foreign Officials

Just released is the 4th TI annual report into the status of enforcement of the laws implementing the OECD Convention. Again the US is well out in front with ever more cases under its Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), but this year Germany, France and other European countries prosecuted. Apart from AWB – which was not a bribery case – what is Australia doing?”

TI Comments on G8 Summit in Japan

Transparency International (TI) welcomed the unprecedented publication by the Group of Eight (G8) of its Accountability Report: Implementation Review of G8 Anti-Corruption Commitments, while still noting the many areas that G8 performance fell short of past pledges. The report comes after over a year of pressure from Transparency International for the G8 to report back on anti-corruption commitments made since the 2002 Kananaskis Summit.

TI Australia latest newsletter – August 2008

The latest TI Australia newsletter includes articles entitled:

  •  New Canberra Inquiry into Integrity Agencies
  •  TI Asia Pacific Regional Program Meeting
  •  Progress Report on OECD Convention Enforcement
  • Global Corruption Report 2008: Corruption in the Water Sector

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