July 2019 (#246)

Australians have the right to blow the whistle on crime and misconduct. This is what keeps our democracy accountable.  We at TIA will continue to fight for stronger protections for all whistleblowers.

In Australia, our media plays a crucial role in shining a spotlight on crime, corruption and misconduct, and we at TIA support this vital function of our democracy.

We are also appalled at the weaknesses in our political integrity system, and have long called for stronger rules around lobbying, political donations and enforceable codes of conducts to ensure that our elected representatives put the public’s best interest first. We fully support calls for a Senate Inquiry to review the Ministerial Standards – but we want these standards to apply to all politicians.

Thank you for your support in helping us to champion political integrity and a more transparent and accountable democracy.


We’ve been calling for stronger protection for whistleblowers for years. The recent AFP raids on journalists could have a chilling effect on public servants who want to blow the whistle on wrong-doing. Australia’s national (public sector) whistleblower protection laws need to be reformed, and our media, better supported to expose crime and misconduct.

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Private Sector Whistleblowers

New whistle-blower protections for private sector employees come into effect in July and companies are required to have their whistleblower protection policies in place by January 2020. We at TIA welcomed these reforms as world-leading.

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New Position Papers

Transparency International Australia is excited to announce the release of two new Position Papers, launched at the TIA National Conference – Tackling Corruption Together in April of this year.

 Anti-Money Laundering

It is vital Australia strengthens existing laws to stop criminals prospering by widening the net of our Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) legislation to include non- financial entities such as real estate agents, lawyers and accountants.

Anti-Money Position Paper

Beneficial Ownership

Australia needs to strengthen corporations’ anti-corruption and bribery mechanisms. One way to do this is by improving the quality and reliability of information on current business registers. Australia needs to lift its game and establish a public register of beneficial owners. Knowing who owns, controls and benefits from a company can help to mitigate bribery and corruption risks.

Beneficial Ownership Position Paper

Responsible Business Conduct and Human Rights

TIA’s CEO Serena Lillywhite has just returned from the OECD/ UN Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct and Human Rights, held for the first time in the Asia Pacific region, in Bangkok.

This was a great opportunity to ensure the nexus between corruption and human rights abuse is well understood by governments and business. The Forum highlighted the importance of due diligence and knowing who the real owners and beneficiaries of transnational business really are. You can watch Serena’s contribution to the opening High-Level panel – The 2030 Agenda and the role of business in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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NIODA 2019 Symposium

The National Institute of Organisational Dynamics Australia’s (NIODA), ‘Building Healthy and Ethical Organisation Cultures’ 2019 Symposium’ is being held on the 13th September, in Parkville, Melbourne.

The symposium will address the underlying drivers of corrupt and unethical practices; indicators of problematic practices; the emergence of whistleblowing and factors that can guard against corruption, to promote a healthy and ethical organisational culture.

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