June 2014 (#187)

In this update:

  • Call for a Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Body at Federal Level
  • Corruption, Integrity Systems & the G20 Conference
  • Australia criticised for stalling on tax evasion
  • C20 Summit Communique

Call for a Broad‐Based Anti‐Corruption Body at Federal Level

TI Australia supports the call by the previous NSW ICAC Commissioner, David Ipp QC, for a broad-based Anti-Corruption body at Federal level.


Corruption, Integrity Systems & the G20 Conference

At the recent successful Brisbane conference organised by Griffith University in conjunction with TI Australia, interesting papers were presented. Issues of financial system abuse were highlighted by Bruce Zagaris of Washington DC. Also at the conference Jason Sharman, Griffith University, spoke with reference to his new book ‘Global Shell Games: Experiments in Transnational Relations’. TI Australia Director, Prof. AJ Brown, also presented interesting research findings.


Australia criticised for stalling on tax evasion

A global anti-corruption agency has accused Australia of delaying action on tax evasion by failing to sign an early information swap treaty – part of its commitment to the G20. Transparency International advocates for greater sharing of information between countries. Senior TI Program Coordinator, Maggie Murphy, said it would be disappointing if Australia was not an early adopter.


C20 Summit Communique

Global civil society has called on the G20 to tackle endemic corruption, confront the challenges of climate change, and urgently address the social and economic time bomb represented by the world’s unemployed youth. A recent meeting in Melbourne finalised the essential issues civil society wants to see on the G20 agenda when it meets in Brisbane in November.


TI Australia e-Update #187

June 2014

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