June 2016 (#216)

In this update:

WHAT will you vote for in this Federal Election?

As you consider who to vote for, we’re asking you to factor in the WHAT question.

TI Australia believes that Australia’s future must be built on a solid foundation of transparency, integrity and accountability. We have written to the major political parties and independents to obtain (and publish!) their commitments on a range of important issues affecting Australia.

Using the attached e-postcard or ac, we’re asking you to approach your local candidates, asking them to publicly commit to the following five actions:

  • Institute transparent political financing
  • Establish a Federal Anti-Corruption Agency
  • Implement a public register of beneficial ownership of all Australian companies
  • Adopt and implement world leading whistleblower protection legislation and practice
  • Fully implement Australia’s obligations to the Open Government Partnership

With your support, TI Australia continues to advocate for positive changes to ensure that transparency, integrity and accountability are the foundation of Australia’s future.