March 2011 (#127)

In this update:

  • ICAC in NSW reports on corruption risks in planning decisions
  • Recent TI Media Releases
  • Stolen Assets: time to act now

ICAC in NSW reports on corruption risks in planning decisions

In December a little noticed investigation by the ICAC looked at how frequently the government has exercised its special discretionary powers under the controversial Part 3A, and what higher risks of corruption or perception of corrupt influences might flow from this. Click on link below for the details of the ICAC recommendations. In view of its importance, the recent article by retired Sydney planner and lawyer John Mant valuably reviews the report.

Recent TI Media Releases

Transparency International (TI) and Global Witness, together with 76 other organisations from around the world, have signed a letter to the Group of 20 leading economies calling for swift implementation of the G20′s Anti-Corruption Action Plan, published last November.
The Executive Director of TIA, Mr Michael Ahrens, said the steps announced by Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, immediately after the passing of the Security Council resolution on the Libyan regime, to investigate possible freezing of assets in Australia of Colonel Gaddafi and other members of that regime are to be commended.

Stolen Assets: time to act now

Transparency International (TI) is urgently pressuring both leaders of G20 countries and global financial institutions immediately to freeze and thoroughly investigate all suspect assets. TI sent an urgent request to the G20 heads of states to investigate any assets thought to be owned by former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.