March 2012 (#144)

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  • Corruption in Russia

Corruption in Russia

Recently Putin’s Campaign Chief Stanislav Govorukhin said that corruption had always been notorious in Russia but it had now become ‘normal and civilised’ and better organised.

In an ironic riposte the TI Chapter in Moscow is quoted as saying:
‘He is right in that corruption has become more organised. I think that is what he means with the word ‘normal’, and that it is more civilised, if he means it is carried out by people wearing very good suits,’ said Yelena Panfilova, head of the Moscow office of Tranparency International.

‘The worst corruption in Russia now happens not on the street but quietly in very civilised offices and is carried out by people in very good suits. So in a purely visual sense, it looks more respectable but that doesn’t make it less terrible and less damaging for the country,’ said Panfilova.
Corruption in Russia