March 2013 (#164)

In this update:

  • NSW Corruption to be Further Unearthed
  • South Australia’s Independent Commissioner Against Corruption
  • Transparency in Corporate Reporting
  • Coming Events

NSW Corruption to be Further Unearthed

This editorial opinion article in the Sydney Morning Herald of 1 March 2013 makes the case for a broader NSW inquiry sparked by the affairs of the Obeid family.


South Australia’s Independent Commissioner Against Corruption

Justice Lander, a former Federal and Supreme Court judge, and South Australia’s first Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, says he believes there is corruption in the state to be unearthed.


Transparency in Corporate Reporting

Transparency International has released a report which analyses the transparency of corporate reporting in the 105 largest publicly listed multinational companies on a range of anticorruption measures. Three Australian banks and two mining companies are ranked.


Latest TI Australia Newsletter

The latest TIA Newsletter includes information on the Wilkie Whistleblower Protection Bill.


Coming Events

Implications of the UK Anti-Bribery Act – free seminar in Melbourne (30 April 2013) and Sydney (1 May 2013): details coming.

International Mining for Development Conference – 20-21 May 2013‘Maximising Benefits’, Sydney: an opportunity for developing countries, civil society, the private sector and the international donor community to discuss the challenges and opportunities that developing countries face as they commercialise their resources sectors.

EITI Global Conference – 22-23 May 2013 – ‘Beyond Transparency’, Sydney: stakeholders from across the globe will meet to share how EITI is leading to change in their countries and agree how the EITI Standard should evolve to further improve transparency and accountability of revenues from natural resources.