March 2015 (#198)

In this update:

  • Corporate giants to front Senate over bribery claims
  • Prosecutors seek jail terms for insider traders
  • Non-residents buying property…
  • Have your say in how we stop corruption!

Corporate giants to front Senate over bribery

A Sydney Morning Herald article (6.3.15) reported that ‘Some of corporate Australia’s top figures, including former executives from BHP Billiton and Leighton Holdings, are set to be called to a Senate inquiry and grilled about allegations the firms bribed foreign officials’.


Prosecutors seek jail terms for insider traders

ABC News reports that ‘Prosecutors have called for jail terms for two men involved in a $7 million insider trading case, described as the worst instance of “naked greed” insider trading in Australia’s history’. Will the ABS employee receive a harsher penalty?


Non-residents buying property…

Transparency International’s Unmask the Money campaign targets a worldwide issue.

Sydney: ABC News reports that Treasurer, Joe Hockey, has ordered the sale of a $39m Sydney mansion he says was bought in breach of foreign investment rules. Mr Hockey and Prime Minister Tony Abbott have ‘announced a raft of changes to laws that govern the ability of foreign buyers – temporary residents and non-residents – to purchase Australian residential property’.

London: Transparency International has commented that ‘It is well-known that the global rich are buying up large parts of London. They use secret offshore companies to buy the properties and don’t disclose their identities.’


Have your say in how we stop corruption!

Transparency International is developing a new strategy for the next five years and is seeking your views. What should the TI movement of more than 100 chapters around the world target between now and 2020?



11-14 May 2015 – Learn the Essentials of Compliance Management: the Basic Compliance & Ethics Academy Australia – a three-and-a-half-day intensive training program.

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March 2015

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