National Integrity Systems Assessment

Strengthening Australia’s National Integrity System: Priorities for Reform

This major project assessing the strengths and weaknesses of Australia’s integrity institutions and accountability systems, is a collaboration in 2017-2019 being led by  Transparency International Australia and coordinated by Griffith University’s Centre for Governance and Public Policy, with funding from the Commonwealth and State governments through the Australian Research Council and our integrity agency institutional partners: the New South Wales Ombudsman, the Queensland Integrity Commissioner, and the Crime & Corruption Commission Queensland.

Building on the lessons from national integrity system assessments conducted by TI worldwide, it will provide a fresh blueprint for best practice in our accountability institutions.  As recommended by the Senate Select Committee on a National Integrity Commission, it will be an important part of reaching the answers on current challenges including the best options for how to strengthen the federal integrity system.

Along with federal and state integrity agencies, and governments, the assessment welcomes input from:

  • Any individuals with current or recent expertise or experience in how Australia’s public integrity and anti-corruption frameworks work
  • People who have been directly involved or had recent professional experience in any of our integrity and accountability institutions
  • Observers and professionals with insights into the strengths and weaknesses of our integrity systems, especially from an independent academic or expert research perspective
  • People who have interacted with or observed integrity agencies from a private sector, civil society, media or general citizen perspective.


Through the National Integrity Survey, experts, relevant agencies, clients, NGOs, professionals and interested/informed observers are able to contribute their evidence, data and assessment in response to these questions, for the functions, institutions and jurisdictions with which they are familiar (or in/with which they are engaged). Find out more information here.

Further options papers, recommendations and results will be released progressively in 2018, and at Tackling Corruption Together 2019, the biennial conference of Transparency International Australia, held in Melbourne in April 2019.