November 2007 (#81)

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TI Australia November 2007 Newsletter TIA 2007 AGM Whistleblowers Study Report APEC Code on Business Conduct Notable Quotes from the Corruption Prevention Network Conference, Sept 2007 TI Australia membership

TI Australia November 2007 Newsletter

The November 2007 edition of the TI Australia Newsletter has been released. The leading article by TI Australia Board Member, David Mattiske, focuses on the TI Annual Members Meeting which took place in Bali from 24-30 October 2007.Other key articles include:

  • Be Honest, Minister!
  • Whistling While They Work
  • First Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference, Sydney, 23-26 October 2007
  • Book Review: �Justice Under Siege� by Eva Joly

07 November Newsletter

TIA 2007 AGM

The TI Australia Annual Meeting will be held on
Thursday 6th December 2007 at The American Club
131 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW at 4.30pm
At 5.30pm following the meeting we welcome
Alan Cameron of Cameron Ralph Board Performance
well known lawyer, consultant and previous corporate regulator to speak on the topic of
Alan will focus on the key role of leaders in any organisation and the implications of failure to effectively drive the integrity message

Whistleblowers Study Report

The first report emerging from the large research project on this topic was released at the end of October 2007. The report is based on the results of numerous surveys conducted by a team headed by Dr AJ Brown, with 304 participating public sector agencies across Australia, and has interesting draft conclusions. The report calls for comment from the public by the end of November 2007.

APEC Code on Business Conduct

This important code for both public officials and business conduct was adopted by the APEC leaders meeting in Sydney in September. Peter Rooke represented Transparency International at APEC Anti-Corruption and Transparency Taskforce meetings and related workshops in Canberra and Cairns which developed the Code under Australia’s APEC chairmanship for 2007. Click on link below to see the new Code, which was developed with input from TI. The Code takes key elements from TI’s Business Principles for Countering Bribery as well as from the WEF, PACI Principles and ICC Rules. TI’s input stressed the importance of implementation which, as a result, accounts for more than 60% of the Code.

Notable Quotes from the Corruption Prevention Network Conference, Sept 2007

One of the conference speakers, The Honourable Justice Paul Coghlan, made the following notable quotes when he was the prosecutor in Crown v Quinn – the very famous case of Brian Quinn (Coles Myer):
� Fraud by others is no defence to your own fraud
� Is it all that surprising that when they saw the boss hog sticking his snout in the trough they put their snouts in alongside him?
� It is where fraud began that matters and the accused man in this was the father of the fraud.
� � if the share price was all right and the profit was all right, that he could just about help himself.
Justice Coghlan spoke about his experience in that case, and also the BLF case involving Norm Gallagher. These insights into failures of �tone at the top� are essential to any organisation aspiring to prevent corruption.

TI Australia membership

If you or your organisation are not already a member of TI Australia we would appreciate your interest in becoming one. TI Australia�s Directors work on a pro bono basis, but we need funding to cover our expenses. Click on the links below to find out more about supporting TI Australia or to access the TI Australia Membership Application Form.