November 2009 (#106)

In this update:

  • Political Party Donations
  • New NSW Code for Lobbyists

Political Party Donations

Nathan Rees, Premier of NSW, promises to immediately ban party donations from developers. Questions will arise as to how effective this can be unless the ban becomes national, but it is a step in the right direction, following the Queensland lead. We are as wary as other commentators. An article in the Weekend Australian reveals how some power brokers in NSW politics managed to derive personal favours from at least one well known developer before they were elected.

New NSW Code for Lobbyists

As part of a series of changes designed to increase his party’s standing, Nathan Rees, Premier of NSW, has announced changes to restrict who can lobby and how. He told the weekend Labor Party Conference he would, ban lobbyists from appointment to all public boards and committees? Lobbyists have a legitimate role outside of government. But they have no place inside it. TI Australia would label this a ‘good first step’.


After six years, signatory countries to the treaty have agreed to a review mechanism, but apparently with an opt-out for peer review of compliance by signatories. Huguette Labelle, Chairwoman of Transparency International, said at the Doha negotiations, �It�s been six years. This is more than enough time for the countries of the world to come together on an issue that everyone says is devastating.�