October 2017 (#230)

In This Update:

  • TI Australia Launches its New Website
  • New TI Australia Report: Corruption Risks in Mining Approvals in Australia
  • Mining for Sustainable Development TI Australia
  • Media
  • Parliamentary Inquiry into Whistleblower Protection
  • Parliamentary Inquiry into a Federal Anti-Corruption Agency
  • OGP Mid-Term review
  • UK Seeks Tougher Laws on Financial Crime
  • PWYP Releases New Report
  • Events

TI Australia Launches its New Website

TI Australia is pleased to announce the launch of its new ‘mobile phone friendly’ website. The new and improved website retains key information to keep you informed about our work. It showcases the Mining for Sustainable Development Programme. Do let us know aspects that are not fully functioning. http://transparency.org.au/


New TI Australia Report: Corruption Risks in Mining Approvals in Australia

TI Australia has just released an important piece of research, as part of our global program, Mining for Sustainable Development. This research identifies and assesses the Corruption Risks in the Mining Approvals Process in Australia. Key risks identified in Western Australia and Queensland are:

  • Inadequate due diligence into the character and integrity of applicants for approvals, including investigation into who the real and beneficial owner of the company is;
  • No requirement to declare the company’s track record and compliance with laws outside of Australia;
  • Discretionary powers for some senior government officials;
  • Industry / external influence and the associated risks of state and policy capture;
  • Inadequate regulation of donations and lobbyists and ‘movement of staff’ between government and industry;
  • Limited transparency of the content of State Agreements until enacted, and between Native Title parties and mining companies; and
  • Inadequate independent verification of Environmental Impact scientific modelling.

See the Summary and Full Report:



Mining for Sustainable Development

Transparency International’s Mining for Sustainable Development Programme (M4SD) addresses where and how corruption can get a foothold in the mining approvals process. See the Factsheet for an overview of the program. Stay connected to the Mining for Sustainable Development Programme using the following:

http://transparency.org.au/  @SusDevMining  #M4SD  mining@transparency.org


A recent development was the Global workshop in Malaysia. This brought together 15 TI national chapters and the programme Expert Reference Group to develop plans and strategies for the programme’s Phase II. See full album via Flickr.



TI Australia has recently had a high media profile. Some examples of recent media profile include:

TIA response to the recent allegations of CBA and money laundering.


TIA response to the government response to the inquiry into the establishment of a federal anti-corruption agency.


Response to TI Australia’s report: Corruption Risks in Mining Approvals Processes

The Guardian


The Age





The Mining Journal


Australian Mining



Social Media

TI Australia is now actively engaged in social media. There are a number of ways to connect with us, via:

Website: http://transparency.org.au/

Twitter: @TIAustralia or @SusDevMining using hashtag #M4SD. We now have more than 1000 followers.

Email: info@transparency.org.au  or mining@transparency.org


Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into Whistleblower Protection

The much awaited report from the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services into whistleblower protection is now out. TIA is welcomes the recommendations, and will continue our efforts to ensure these recommendations become legislation and are implemented.



Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into a Federal Anti-Corruption Agency

The Select Committee on a National Integrity Commission has been released. Regrettably the recommendations are a disappointment and a missed opportunity to strengthen Australia’s integrity systems. The Committee recommended “that the Commonwealth government gives careful consideration to establishing a Commonwealth agency with broad scope and jurisdiction to address integrity and corruption matters.



OGP Mid-Term review

The Australian Government has released the OGP Mid-term Review of progress on the first National Action Plan (2016-2018). The OGP Civil Society Network has responded outlining concerns of overstated achievement in some areas, including the EITI and beneficial ownership commitments.


PWYP Releases New Report

Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Australia PWYP Australia’s new report ‘Abundant Resources, Absent Data: Measuring the Openness of Australian Listed Mining, Oil and Gas Companies on the African Continent’ has been launched. It analyses publicly available data in an attempt to draw a comprehensive picture of our extractive presence – by company, country and project.



UK Seeks Tougher Laws on Financial Crime

A proposal to toughen U.K. laws to make it easier to hold companies accountable for financial crime is still under consideration by the government after years of back and forth.




8-13 October 2017 – Sydney, International Bar Association Annual Conference

TI Australia Board Chair, Anthony Whealy QC, will speak at the International Bar Association Conference.   https://www.ibanet.org/Conferences/Sydney2017.aspx

26-27 October – Shanghai, China Anti-Corruption and Compliance Summit.

TI Australia CEO, Serena Lillywhite is a keynote speaker at the China Anti-Corruption and Compliance Conference, speaking on global trends in combating corruption  http://www.duxes-events.com/acsh/

14-16 November 2017 – Sydney: Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference 2017: Transparency International Australia is proud to be a partner of the 6th Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference (APSACC) 2017. APSACC  is organised and hosted by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Crime and Corruption Commission, Queensland. Increase your knowledge and understanding of effective corruption prevention approaches. TI Australia CEO, Serena Lillywhite will be a speaker. Go to www.apsac.com.au to see the full program of speakers, the workshop program and to register online.



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October 2017

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