September 2007 (#79)

In this update:

  • AWB Scandal Takes Its Toll, Says Corruption Watchdog
  • 2007 TI Corruption Perceptions Index Released
  • BRIBEline
  • TI Australia Membership

AWB Scandal Takes Its Toll, Says Corruption Watchdog

International confirmation that Australia�s reputation for being graft-free has slipped came today according to an authoritative survey released by Transparency International, the global coalition against corruption. According to TI�s latest Corruption Perceptions Index, Australia dropped two places in the annual world corruption-free standings. See TI Australia�s press release for further comment on Australia and the Pacific.

2007 TI Corruption Perceptions Index Released

Transparency International has released its 2007 TI Corruption Perceptions Index on Wednesday 26 September 2007. TI�s press release notes that �The divide in perceived levels of corruption in rich and poor countries remains as sharp as ever�Developed and developing countries must share responsibility for reducing corruption, in tackling both the supply and demand sides.�


The BRIBEline website is a project of TRACE, a non-profit membership association that specialises in anti-bribery due diligence reviews and compliance training for international commercial intermediaries (sales agents and representatives, consultants, distributors, suppliers, etc.). is a new tool which aims to reduce bribery – a secure, multi-lingual website through which bribe demands can be reported anonymously. Making a report on BRIBEline involves answering no more than ten multiple-choice questions. Reports are not used for investigations or prosecutions, so no names are requested or collected.

BRIBEline aims at painting a more complete picture of the scope and nature of international bribery. The information gathered will be aggregated and publicly reported by country and by sector (the customs service, the judiciary, etc.). The aggregate reports will provide a detailed account of how demand-side bribery works within a given country, and in effect: shine a spotlight on the worst offenders, provide companies with an additional risk mitigation tool, encourage governments to reduce corruption in their ranks, and help to more effectively target the efforts of those working to increase transparency and reduce bribery worldwide.

Prior to BRIBEline, there was no place that a bribe demand could be reported securely and confidentially. Since its launch in July, BRIBEline has received more than 1000 reports of bribe demands from over 90 countries. The influx of reports has exceeded expectations. In the weeks following the launch, BRIBEline has been discussed in the media of more than 40 countries. Several multinational organisations and business associations have endorsed BRIBEline and encouraged their employees, partners, and affiliates to use BRIBEline to report bribe demands. BRIBEline is available to the public, and was created as a public tool because greater transparency is in everyone�s best interests: companies, civil society, business associations, government, and individuals.


23-26 October 2007: inaugural Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption (APSAC) Conference to be held in Sydney (conference days are 24-25 October). The APSAC Conference is being held by the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) and the Western Australia Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC). TI Australia is a conference sponsor.

TI Australia Membership

If you or your organisation are not already a member of TI Australia we would appreciate your interest in becoming one. TI Australia�s Directors work on a pro bono basis, but we need funding to cover our expenses. Click on the following links to find out more about supporting TI Australia or to access the TI Australia Membership Application Form.