September 2012 (#153)

In this update:

  • Securency – an update
  • Special Newsflash – the IACC Initiatives
  • TI Survey of 3,000 Businesspeople

Securency – an update

The 11 September ABC 7.30 Report revealed ‘evidence’ which it claims raises ‘serious new questions for Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens about what the bank knew of Australia’s worst corporate corruption case’. An article in The Age newspaper (11.9.12) continues discussion of the issue and an opinion piece by Michael Ahrens, Executive Director, TI Australia, gives Australia’s context within TI’s OECD Progress Report on enforcement.

Special Newsflash – the IACC Initiatives

Read the September 2012 Special Newsflash about the IACC Initiatives, including ‘Using technology to crack corruption’, ‘Mini-grants for innovative ideas’ and ‘The IACC in lecture theatres’.

TI Survey of 3,000 Businesspeople

Transparency International (TI) has released results of Part 1 of a survey of 3,000 businesspeople in 30 countries. The survey will ask for their views: on bribery and corruption; what works to stop corruption in the private sector; and what the business community can do to put corruption out of business. Question 1 is ‘During the last 12 months, do you think your company has failed to win a contract or gain new business in this country because a competitor paid a bribe?’