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Our Work

We want a more accountable government, a democracy governed with transparency, accountability and integrity.

Democracy thrives when people can see, understand and participate in the decisions that affect their lives, when decision-makers are accountable for their actions, and when leaders lead with integrity.

We are focusing on some key public sector reforms to strengthen our system of governance. These include:

  • Building a robust national anti-corruption and integrity agency 
  • Stronger rules around political donations, lobbying and the ‘revolving door’ between public office and company payroll to boost the integrity of our elected representatives
  • Better laws against foreign bribery and money laundering 

We are also closely watching Australia’s position in the Corruption Perceptions Index – the most widely used indicator of corruption worldwide.

Government, democracy, transparency

Political integrity

Political Integrity

We want to fix flaws in our system by stopping corruption and ensuring our elected representatives and public servants act with the highest degree of integrity.

Transparency International Australia

Dirty money

Dirty Money

We need stronger laws to prevent and prosecute foreign bribery and ensure criminals cannot hide the proceeds of their crimes in our property markets and financial institutions.

Global ranking

Global Ranking

Where does Australia rank on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index?

Our Integrity Pack for the 47th Parliament

The 47th Parliament presents a key opportunity to enact integrity reforms the Australian people have long been demanding.

With key integrity reforms, this federal parliament can build a fairer, more open, and more accountable system of government, where our elected representatives stand up for the best interests of all Australians.

Will you join us?

Whether you’re an individual, a business, a government agency, or a not-for-profit, we want to work with you to build a better, more transparent and accountable system.

Membership is for:

  • Any individual who wants to take a stand against corruption and promote a fairer democracy.
  • Any organisation committed to our mission and interested in working with us.

To learn more about corporate membership, click on the link below, or contact us.

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