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National Anti-Corruption Commission

A strong and independent national agency to prevent, detect and stop corruption

After decades of debate, the Federal Government has introduced legislation for a new agency to combat federal government corruption.

For almost two decades, Transparency International Australia has been championing the cause of a strong, federal-level agency tasked with preventing, investigating, and stopping corruption.

We have seen a powerful movement grow – organisations, community groups, experts, academics, political champions and everyday people have called on successive governments to take strong action against corruption and enact an anti-corruption agency.

In poll after poll the Australian public overwhelmingly declared they support an anti-corruption agency. This movement became an unstoppable force.

The Federal Government has now  introduced legislation to Parliament. By the middle of 2023, Australia could have a National Anti-Corruption Commission.

Transparency International Australia has consistently called for a strong commission with the independence and powers it needs to fight corruption and promote integrity. See the timeline

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Latest update

The proposed National Anti-Corruption Commission Bill can be better

Our submission to the Parliamentary Committee includes recommendations for

  • improving the public hearings test,
  • ensuring the appointment of the NACC’s future Commissioners enjoys broad parliamentary support,
  • ensuring independent budget tracks for the Commission,
  • greater whistleblower protections, and
  • a clear path forward  for for broader integrity  reform.

A fit for purpose Commission

Our briefing paper explains why Australia needs a strong and independent national integrity commission and the key design principles to ensure it is fit for purpose.

It lays out six fundamental design principles, our non-negotiables.

Critically, a Commission that is effectively able to prevent and stop corruption must:

  • Have a broad jurisdiction over official corruption, including federal politicians and the public sector;
  • Lead a nationally coordinated approach to fighting corruption, including the ability to address corruption risks stemming from the private sector nationally and internationally;
  • Lift the bar in tackling bribery, corruption, and integrity failings by improving on the prevention models, investigation powers and safeguards already tested state anticorruption commissions

The Blueprint for Action

This comprehensive report, a partnership between Transparency International Australia and Griffith University, is the result of extensive workshops, surveys and conversations with integrity experts and the Australian public.

It shows us how we can build a stronger, fairer and more accountable system of government. It details the key design principles for a strong and independent national anti-corruption and pro-integrity commission; and explains the pathway to wholesale integrity reform.

From greater transparency over government decision-making, to stronger controls on political lobbying and donations, to better whistleblower protections, this report lays out the essential reforms we need to drive greater transparency, accountability and integrity.


Our integrity pack for the 47th Parliament

Following the 2022 federal election Transparency International Australia delivered an Integrity Pack to members of Parliament.

This short document highlights the key integrity reforms our federal parliament must enact if we are to build a more democratic Australia.

After a decade of stagnation and decline on Transparency International’s global corruption ranking, the Corruption Perceptions Index, Australia can and must do better.

With key integrity reforms, this federal parliament can build a fairer, more open, and more accountable system of government, where our elected representatives stand up for the best interests of all Australians.

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