Annual & Financial reports

Annual & Financial Reports

We are able to do our work thanks to the generous contribution of our members, and for the in-kind support from a number of Australian and international organisations.

We are also grateful to the BHP Foundation and the Australian Government for their support for our global work to tackle corruption risks in the mining sector.

The Company Accounts are audited annually by Nexia Australia on a pro bono basis and are distributed to TI Australia members prior to the AGM.


This has been another very challenging year, and like all organisations, TIA has had to adapt and implement new ways of working to achieve our objectives.

We have remained focused in our efforts to hold power to account, to call out misconduct and corruption risks, to provide constructive solutions to systemic flaws in integrity systems and business practices, and to work in partnership with civil society, business leaders and government champions to tackle corruption.

The year has seen a record number of rorts and scandals. From casinos, to carparks, sports clubs, and closed-door deals. A culture of secrecy now defines our political system. Public interest decision making is coming off second best, trust and confidence in government is undermined and our democracy eroded. Read more

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