Assurance framework for corporate anti-bribery programmes

Corporate Antibribery


In an increasingly global and complex market place, trust and integrity are of paramount importance for business. Successful enterprises know how important it is to build trust among employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders. This is a challenging task but one that enterprises know is the key ingredient to creating solid and lasting business relationships that will ensure their sustainability.

But for trust to develop, the information communicated to stakeholders by the enterprise must be credible. This is why Transparency International, with the support of the World Economic Forum, developed the Assurance Framework for Corporate Anti-Bribery Programmes.

Good practice now demands that enterprises develop comprehensive programmes to counter bribery in their business dealings which are monitored and improved on a continual basis. This voluntary Assurance Framework aims to provide a standardised process that will help enterprises to design robust anti-bribery programmes.

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