Australia’s Proposed Anti-Corruption Commission:
The legislation Explained


Australia is on the cusp of establishing a National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)

On Wednesday 28 September 2022 the Federal Government introduced legislation to establish a new agency tasked with stopping federal government corruption.

This landmark reform is the culmination of decades of advocacy, discussion and public pressure.

What is in the legislation look like and what comes next?

How will the NACC work to prevent and stop corruption?

On Tuesday 4 October TIA hosted a webinar debrief with integrity policy experts:

  • Dr Helen Haines MP
  • Fiona McLeod AO SC
  • Professor AJ Brown
  • Moderated by the Executive Director of the Australian Democracy Network, Saffron Zomer.


Saffron Zomer
Executive Director of the Australian Democracy Network

Saffron Zomer is the Executive Director of the Australian Democracy Network, and a lawyer, campaigner and political strategist with more than a decade of experience leading law reform campaign.

AJ Brown
Professor AJ Brown
Transparency International Australia Board Member

AJ Brown is a board member of Transparency International Australia and a board member of Transparency International. He also leads the Centre for Governance and Public Policy’s Public Integrity and Anti-Corruption Research Program at Griffith University.

Fiona McLeod AO SC
Senior Counsel at the Victorian Bar

Fiona McLeod is the former Chair of the Accountability Round Table, Transparency International Australia, and the Open Government Partnership Forum, the past President of the Law Council of Australia and the Australian Bar Association, and practising Senior Counsel at the Victorian Bar.

Dr Helen Haines MP
Independent Federal Member for Indi

Dr Helen Haines MP is the Independent Federal Member for Indi. She introduced the Australian Federal Integrity Commission Bill 2021, described as the ‘gold standard’, and has championed greater transparency over political donations. In September 2022 she was awarded the prestigious Alan Missen Award by the Accountability Round Table.