Business Principles for Countering Bribery: Small and Medium Enterprise Edition

Business Principles Bribery


Much of the world’s business is carried out by small and medium enterprises, especially in emerging economies.

This edition recognises that SMEs in many societies are frequently confronted with the problem of bribery. As smaller companies with limited resources SMEs face challenges in resisting and countering such pressures. Also, there are growing requirements made by large international companies for their suppliers to show evidence they have appropriate anti-bribery policies and systems in place.

This edition aims to set out in a clear and direct manner the process by which smaller businesses can develop an anti-bribery programme relevant to their size and resources. Countering bribery is good business practice. It can help build reputation, especially with customers, and it can reduce risks. By building strong anti-bribery cultures SMEs can successfully challenge and resist bribery.

Transparency International and the Steering Committee which oversaw the development of the Business Principles hope that businesses of all sizes will find the SME Edition to be of value, both for SMEs to counter bribery and for large businesses seeking to encourage good anti-bribery practices in their suppliers.

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