Money laundering

Tainted Treasures

01 Mar: Report: Tainted Treasures

From Ukraine to Tunisia and Brazil, large-scale cases of grand corruption in recent years have involved the acquisition of luxury property, vehicles and goods. This report examines the risk of luxury goods and assets being used to launder the proceeds of corruption, including in the art world and the marketplaces for super-yachts, precious stones and jewels, high-end apparel and accessories, and real estate.

Submission AML

01 Feb: Submission: Anti-Money Laundering

In the time available, we write to affirm our support for extending AML/CTF regulation, taking a risk-based approach to a range of services provided by the legal profession that are seen to pose high ML/TF risks. We acknowledge that, in doing so, increased funding of AUSTRAC will be important to enable it to conduct the essential supervision.