Doors wide open

01 Jan: Report: Doors Wide Open

The real estate market has long provided a way for individuals to secretly launder or invest stolen money and other illicitly gained funds. Not only do expensive apartments in New York, London or Paris raise the social status of their owners and enhance their luxurious lifestyles, but they are also an easy and convenient place to hide hundreds of millions of dollars from criminal investigators, tax authorities or others tracking criminal behaviour and the proceeds of crime.

managing third party risk

01 Jan: Report: Managing third party risk

This report provides practical advice on addressing the challenges of managing third party bribery risk. Although aimed at larger companies, the content may also be helpful to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as regulators, prosecuting agencies and professional advisers.

Wise counsel or dark arts

01 Dec: Report: Wise Counsel or Dark Arts?

This report provides practical advice on addressing the challenges of managing political engagement. It is also designed to assist lobbyists, trade bodies, regulators, law-makers, investors, prosecuting agencies and professional advisers who may wish to refer to a TI position when forming their own approach and decisions.

Business principles for countering bribery

20 Dec: Report: Business Principles for Countering Bribery

This report provides a framework for companies to develop comprehensive anti-bribery programmes. Whilst many large companies have no-bribes policies all too few implement these policies effectively. We encourage companies to consider using the business principles as a starting point for developing their own anti-bribery programmes or to benchmark existing ones.