Where will my donation go?

By donating to TIA, you secure our ability to continue the fight against corruption.

We rely on the generosity of people like you to continue our research into where and how the systems within government and within business are vulnerable to corruption.

Your contribution helps us strengthen the foundations of a healthy democracy by promoting transparency, accountability and integrity across the public and private sectors.

Specifically, your donation helps us conduct research, publish reports and engage with politicians, government officials and business representatives about the practical things they can do to stop corruption. Your support also helps us organise events for the public and awareness-raising through the media about what needs to happen to strengthen political integrity and ethical business conduct.

Is this donation form secure?

This donation form is powered by Stripe, a secure payment gateway.

How will you use my information?

We respect your privacy and we are committed to ensuring the privacy of any information you put on this website. We collect only the necessary information to process your donation. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

What is your donation policy?

As part of our commitment to transparency, donors who generously contribute more than $1500 will be thanked in our annual report. You can read our full donations policy via our policies page.

For large donations, we encourage you to contact us to avoid some online transaction fees. contact us (03) 9018 7551 or via email at info@transparency.org.au

Is my donation tax deductible?

Unfortunately, your donation is not tax yet deductible. We are working hard to ensure it will be soon.

Are there other ways to give?

Yes. You can donate via phone by calling us on (03) 9018 7551.

You can also leave a gift in your will.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.