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Poder Ciudadano is part of Transparency International’s global network championing accountability in the mining sector.

On 29 April it launched its report analysing the corruption risks in the process of awarding mining concessions in Argentina.

This research identified the systemic, regulatory and institutional vulnerabilities in the process of granting exploration and exploitation concessions.

If these processes are not transparent and accountable, they are more vulnerable to corruption. This in turn threatens further economic, social and environmental consequences.


The report’s key recommendations include:

  • Improve public integrity systems (conflict of interest, lobby and revolving door).
  • Guarantee effective access to public information.
  • Strengthen whistleblower protection and promote channels to report corruption.
  • Strengthen the “Online Unified Mining Cadastre” and provincial mining cadastres.
  • Strengthen the work between the national, state and provincial levels of government
  • Regulate the Free, Prior and Informed Consent standards contained in ILO Convention 169.
  • Generate regulations related to the right of citizen participation of non-Indigenous communities.


Poder Ciudadano will use this new evidence base to champion greater integrity in the process of awarding mining concessions.

It plans to continue to promote discussion between industry, government, civil society and community members to advance open government policies, public access to information and active transparency, challenges and opportuntunities to support public participation and whistleblower protection in Argentina.

It also plans to further research the relationship between gender and corruption within the process of awarding mining rights, in collaboration with feminist groups and gender experts.

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