Our work

For mining to fully benefit the Australian community and have a softer impact on our environment, its operations must be transparent and accountable.

We are working with the mining industry, government representatives and civil society organisations to reduce corruption risks.

Our work focuses on the very start of the mining value chain: the process of awarding mining permits. By ensuring mining permits are awarded in a way that is transparent and accountable, we better ensure the rest of the mining project operates with integrity.

Our research sheds light on how the process works in Queensland and Western Australia. We are working with mining companies, government representatives and civil society organisations to ensure decisions about mining approvals are transparent and accountable.

Transparency International Australia is part of global network of Transparency International Chapters working to improve transparency in the process of awarding mining permits.

TI Australia

TI Australia Contact Information

Hannah Clua-Saunders
National Project Coordinator, Australia, Accountable Mining Programme

Key publications

Corruption risks: mining approvals in Australia

Understanding corruption risks in the mining approvals process is vital to ensuring mining contributes to sustainable development, and shared benefits. This report analyses the risk of corruption in the process of awarding mining permits in Australia.

program overview & timeline

This timeline shows the progress of the Accountable Mining Program in Australia, the collaboration with our diverse range of stakeholders, and events that have showcased our work.

environmental impact statement

a guide to stronger environmental impact statements

Before a mining company is given an approval to mine, it must conduct a thorough environmental impact statement that assesses its impact.

Australia mining licence map QLD

Mining licence process maps

These maps help stakeholders identify points within the process of approving mining rights where transparency and public accountability need to be strengthened. As mining licence processes differ across Australian jurisdictions, these maps focus on the mining-rich states of Queensland and Western Australia.

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