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The macra tool

The Mining Awards corruption risk assessment tool (MACRA Tool)

To understand and identify the corruption risks in the process of approving mining permits, we developed a custom tool to identify the flaws in the system. 

The Mining Awards Corruption Risk Assessment Tool (MACRA Tool) helps its users identify and assess the underlying causes of corruption in mining sector awards – the risks that create opportunities for corruption, and undermine the lawful, compliant and ethical awarding of mining sector licences, permits and contracts.

This tool has been used across 20 mining jurisdictions in some of the world’s most resource-rich countries, and identifies more than 80 common corruption risks. It has proved to be a highly effective framework to identify and assess the risk factors that create vulnerabilities to corruption at this critical stage.

Licence maps

Using the methodology of the MACRA Tool, we have developed a series of ‘maps to shine a light on how the complex process of awarding mining permits works. They demonstrate in a simplified way the stepbystep process for awarding a mining or exploration licence.