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Transparency International  is working across our global network to look at where and how corruption can get a foothold in the mining sector. Our Accountable Mining Programme is shining a spotlight on the process of obtaining a mining or exploration permit and asking: who gets the right to mine? And under what conditions?

Working collaboratively with governments, companies, civil society organisations and communities, we want to build a fairer, clearer and cleaner process for obtaining a mining permit. By building a better system and a fairer process we can prevent corruption before ground is even broken.

Latest updates

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Mapping the permit process

The process of awarding mining licences can be complex and complicated. These maps help users understand the process.

Argentina mining
20 May: Integridad en la industria minería en Argentina

En abril, Poder Ciudadano presentó su informe “Riesgos de corrupción en concesiones mineras. Oportunidades para la integridad y transparencia en el sector minero en Argentina» a través de un Webinar online que contó con la participación de más de 80 asistentes de distintos ámbitos —público, privado, academia y periodistas especializados en la temática.

The Mining Awards corruption risk assessment Tool

THe Mining Awards corruption Risk Assessment Tool

Our custom tool identifies the flaws in the mining awards process that enable corruption to thrive.


Business Integrity

Business Integrity

Business can reduce the risk that weaknesses in the mining awards system will be abused if they take a zero-tolerance approach to corruption.


Beneficial Ownership

Beneficial ownership

A lack of due diligence on mining licence applicants and inadequate methods to prevent, detect and manage conflicts of interest are major corruption risks.

Who gets the right to mine, and how?

Over 20 Transparency International Chapters, from some of the world’s most resource-rich countries, have come together to shine a light on how mining deals are made.

By focusing our spotlight on the start of the value chain we are working to prevent corruption before ground is even broken.

We are collaborating with an ever-growing network of global anti-corruption initiatives. We are working with governments, companies and communities who want to fix the flaws in the way mining permits are granted, flaws that leave the whole mining operation vulnerable to corruption.

Together, we are building coalitions against corruption, because we need to work together to create a fairer process for all.

Our Research

Our research examines where, how and under what conditions corruption occurs when mining permits are granted.

Our Global Report is filled with case studies from around the world, and the MACRA Tool details how users can explore corruption loopholes in their own countries. These publications are available in English, French and Spanish.

Our network

We are a global network of Transparency International Chapters working in some of the world’s most resource-rich countries. Click on the countries below to see national-level research into the corruption risks in mining approvals.


We are grateful for the support we receive for this work from the BHP Foundation and the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign affairs and Trade.