Accountable mining


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We have developed a number of videos that explain our work to promote transparency and accountability in the process of awarding mining permits

Snapshots from our global network

These videos are a collaboration between Transparency International’s Accountable Mining program and the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre.

They present a series of short interviews with our colleagues from around the world, talking about their work to promote transparency and accountability in the mining sector.

How Transparency International’s Mining for Sustainable Development Programme has assessed corruption risks related to licence approval processes in over 20 countries.

TI national chapters present their actions to prevent corruption risks in the awarding of mining licences and permits.

What three things can donors do to help us prevent corruption in the mining sector?

Our work

These videos give an overview of the program and are available to watch in English, French or Spanish.

Transparent and accountable mining can contribute to sustainable development – this begins with corruption-free approval processes.

Une exploitation minière transparente et redevable peut contribuer au développement durable – ceci commence par des processus d’octrois de titres miniers exempts de corruption.

La minería transparente y responsable puede contribuir al desarrollo sostenible; esto comienza con procesos de aprobación libres de corrupción.