Growing body of evidence demonstrates need for a federal anti-corruption and integrity agency

24 September 2018

Transparency International Australia welcomes the Grattan Institute’s latest report, Who’s in the room? Access and influence in Australian politics.


‘There is a growing body of evidence that our political system is too exposed to corruption risk and integrity failings.’ said Serena Lillywhite, CEO of Transparency International Australia.


‘The Grattan Institute’s report reinforces the calls we have long made: we need an independent federal anti-corruption and integrity agency with the powers to investigate, including breaches of the federal Code of Conduct, and greater checks and balances against unfair influence.


‘The Grattan Institute report builds on our research that found the majority of Australians responding to the Global Corruption Barometer survey had either seen, or suspected, politicians or government officials favouring businesses or powerful individuals in return for political donations or support.


‘Our research found people working for government, our public servants, have even higher concerns about undue influence driving policy and government decision- making.


‘Transparency International’s research into the mining approvals process in Queensland and Western Australia also confirmed corruption risks from inappropriate and unregulated political influence.


‘Lobbying, the revolving door between government and industry and a culture of mateship that facilitates deals between friends, all leave the approvals processes around mining licenses and related infrastructure vulnerable to corruption.


‘We welcome the Grattan Institute’s calls for greater transparency and accountability, particularly a federal anti-corruption agency.’