The Infrastructure Corruption Risk Assessment (ICRAT) Tool

The Infrastructure Corruption Risk Assessment Tool (ICRAT) helps users identify the loopholes that enable corruption to thrive in the infrastructure sector.

The ICRAT is designed to assist civil society and other stakeholders to ask the right questions and hold those responsible for commissioning, selecting and financing public infrastructure to account. The tool provides a practical, easily applicable roadmap to identify and mitigate red-flag corruption hotspots during the process of project selection.

Key features

The tool contains: 

  • An explanation of risk factors and good practice examples 
  • Instructions on assessing the project selection process 
  • Guidance to help you to draw conclusions and summarise findings 
  • suggested mitigation actions to help you take tackle corruption risks


Governments, developers and civil society organisations all benefit from the ICRAT 

  • Government officials can rely on a stronger evidence base to remedy institutional weaknesses that lead to poor outcomes  
  • Infrastructure developers can better assess and mitigate corruption risks, and provide assurance that project decision-making is transparent and fair 
  • Civil society organisations can gain a better understanding of corruption risks and identify opportunities to engage in the infrastructure process 

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This tool is being piloted in the Solomon Islands and Indonesia. Are you interested in funding the roll-out of this tool in another Asia-Pacific country? We would love to hear from you.