We are the Australian national chapter of a global movement against corruption. Together we share a common vision: a world in which government, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.

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Latest updates

CPI Asia Pacific
29 Jan: CPI 2020: Asia Pacific

With an average CPI score of 45, the Asia Pacific region struggles to combat corruption and tackle the profound health and economic impact of COVID-19.

Who Are We?

We tackle corruption by shining a light on the illegal practices and unfair laws that weaken our democracy.

Transparency International Australia is the Australian national chapter of an international coalition against corruption, operating in over 100 countries.

Through Transparency International we are part of a global movement leading the fight against corruption. Each chapter is independent and unique, and together we aspire to a unified vision: a world free of corruption.

Our Priorities

Promoting accountable government

To ensure public decision-making is open, trustworthy and fair

Stopping dirty money

By closing the loopholes in our laws that enable dirty money

Championing business integrity

To support people in the private sector to prevent and address corruption

Sharing the Corruption Perceptions Index

To sound the alarm on global corruption risk hot-spots and assess Australia’s score

Strengthening mining sector governance

To ensure corruption-free approval processes in the global mining sector, including critical minerals

Eliminating corruption risks in infrastructure

To ensure decisions to construct major infrastructure projects are transparent and accountable


We shine a spotlight on corruption through our research, which provides solutions for governments, business and community groups to build a better system for all.


We are working together with governments, businesses, communities and organisations tackling corruption around the world to achieve a shared vision of a world without corruption.

Driver of CHANGE

By tackling corruption, we are tackling the barriers to fair and sustainable development, and addressing the root causes of so many of the world’s political, social and environmental challenges.