Promoting beneficial ownership and integrity screening in the mining sector – A guide for civil society organisations working to tackle corruption in mining

November 2021

Beneficial Ownership Guide
Screening the companies and the people who benefit from and control them as part of the licensing process protects the mining sector from corruption by uncovering and keeping high-risk companies out of the country.

Who are the real owners of the companies applying for extractive rights? How concerning is their corruption and integrity track record? What are their political connections? These are the questions that governments need to look into when deciding whether a company is suitable to hold rights to explore and extract the country’s natural resources.

This  guide is for civil society organisations wanting to understand and win support for beneficial ownership (BO) and integrity screening in their country. The guide provides detailed information and guides users to develop and present convincing, evidence-based recommendations.

It contains three parts:

  1. How to make the case for BO and integrity screening
  2. How to assess opportunities for BO and integrity screening
  3. How to formulate strategic policy recommendations

While the focus of this guide is on the mining sector, most of the guidance is applicable to other natural resource concessions, such as oil, gas, forestry and agribusiness.

This guide builds on the work of TI Chapters participating in the Accountable Mining Programme, as well as the work of our partners at NRGI and the World Bank.

Learn more about Transparency International’s work on this topic here.