Sierra Leone – Mining Contract & Licenses Award Corruption Risk Assessment Report

September 2017

Mining in Sierra Leone

Transparency International Sierra Leone is part of the first cohort of 20 Transparency International Chapters involved in TI’s global programme to improve transparency in the process of awarding mining permits.

This global programme seeks to improve transparency and accountability in the extractive industries, focusing specifically on the very first link in the mining value chain: the decisions by government to grant mining or exploration permits and licenses and negotiate contracts.

TI-Sierra Leone’s research found a number of weaknesses in the system that could lead to corruption. Most of these risks are process-related – for example the inadequate participation of local community members in the development of Community Mining Agreements. Many of these risks were related to practice – for example, there is no strong system for undertaking due diligence on the applicants. And a number of risks where context-related – for example bribes disguised as facilitation payments to government officers.