The Abridged MACRA Tool

30 June 2021

A lack of transparency and accountability in the awarding of mining sector licences, permits and contracts – the first stage in the mining value chain – is a root cause of corruption in the mining sector.

Transparency International has developed this abridged version of the Mining Awards Corruption Risk Assessment (MACRA) Tool so that a broader range of civil society organisations, businesses and governments can identify, assess and prioritise corruption risks for action. With a four-month implementation period, the tool enables users to develop an evidence-based plan for effective and targeted action to improve transparency and accountability in the mining awards process.

With the Abridged MACRA Tool, users will:

  • Identify the vulnerabilities and strengths in the mining awards process
  • Identify and assess the corresponding corruption risks
  • Validate and prioritise corruption risks for action
  • Transition from research into action

The Abridged MACRA is a shorter version of the more comprehensive MACRA tool which takes approximately 12 months to implement. For users with the time and resources to conduct more in-depth research and to consult with a greater number of stakeholders, the original MACRA Tool is recommended. Access the original MACRA Tool.