Annual Report 2018-2019

It’s been a busy year for TIA. Not a week has gone by without allegations of corruption, misconduct and integrity failings being front page news. Despite this, Australia is still without a federal anticorruption commission. We have continued our efforts to strengthen the national integrity system, and used every opportunity to highlight the corrosive effect that lobbying and undue influence have on political decisions when not made in the public interest.

TIA is working hard to promote transparency, accountability and integrity across our public and private sectors. Some major achievements this year include hosting our biannual conference – Tackling Corruption Together, which brought together diverse companies across the private sector to share insights and challenges in boosting business integrity. We also celebrated the new whistleblower protections for workers in the private sector. This new legislation will protect whistleblowers who report crime and misconduct, and strengthen organisations that aspire to ensure that their systems and process are always above board.

In the international arena, we continue to monitor the Australian Government’s commitments to the Open Government Partnership, the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative and compliance with the OECD and UN anti-bribery and corruption conventions.