Submission - Inquiry into supporting democracy in our region


The Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade has commenced an inquiry into matters related to supporting democracy in our region with a focus on how Australia can partner with countries in our region to promote democracy and the international rules-based order.

Transparency International Australia is pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to this important inquiry. Our submission draws on evidence of working in the region in partnership with across 13 countries with Transparency International chapters, partners and civil society organisations in the Asia-Pacific. We also draw on in-depth evidence and research from Transparency International’s globally recognised Corruption Perceptions Index and our more recent Asia and Pacific Corruption Barometers.


Transparency International Australia offers 10 recommendations to promote democracy in the region. Specifically, we encourage the government to focus on the role civil society can play to address shrinking civic space and to build effective and accountable states.

We outline our recommendations to address the impacts of corruption on democracy, accountability and rising authoritarianism. We also focus on collective action for climate change and the energy transition and the link to national and regional stability.

In particular, we demonstrate the importance of addressing corruption and promoting good governance for democracy, inclusive development and poverty alleviation in the Indo-Pacific region.