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“We want to fix the flaws in the system – where the people with the most money get the best access to politicians, and people who blow the whistle on crime and corruption are silenced.”

Proposals so far for a federal corruption watchdog are just a first step – both major parties need to back a larger plan for promoting political integrity to ensure our democracy is as fair and representative as can be.



Throughout my career, I’ve seen first-hand the devastating impact of corruption on some of the world’s poorest people – in the countries of Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Crippling poverty, conflict, and threats to democracy and the rights of communities and civil society.
I’ve seen the connection between corruption, conflict and human rights violations – with women and girls being most affected. Australia is not immune. Corruption, lobbying and political donations undermines our democracy.
This is why I am committed to fighting corruption – in Australia and globally. By stopping corruption, we dismantle the barriers to fair and sustainable development and protect democracy.
Thank you for your support.

Serena Lillywhite