Tackling gender inequality to tackle corruption in mining

30 November 2021

How Transparency International Chapters are supporting women to actively participate in decisions and demand a more accountable mining sector

Women have an important role to play in demanding greater transparency and accountability in decision-making about mining projects. This is important because mining can have a disproportionate impact on the wellbeing and livelihoods of women in local communities.

But not only do women need a seat at the table, they must also feel confident that their participation in community discussions and decision-making is meaningful. Gender inequality – from the household and community roles expected of men and women, to the barriers to women’s education – holds women back from participating and advocating for their rights, interests and concerns to be included in decision-making.

Greater participation by women means more accountable community and government decision-making, more accountable company conduct and reduced risk of corruption – ensuring better results for communities from decisions about approving mining projects.

That is why strategies to combat corruption in the mining sector must support women to overcome the barriers that hinder their participation in decision-making and accountability efforts.

Transparency International Chapters have been working with women and women’s groups to tackle gender inequality and support women to express their voice and agency in decisions about mining projects. This series of stories provides a snapshot of their work, shares their impact and provides useful insights.

Thanks to Amy Fallon for writing these pieces.


Transparency International Kenya has joined forces with Kenya’s Law Society to empower women in Kwale county with understanding of their legal rights so that they can take part in discussions about resource development.

Ratnakiri Cambodia

Transparency International Cambodia is equipping women and Indigenous peoples with information and skills to stand up for their rights through training and workshops.

Photo: Corruption Watch

Corruption Watch South Africa has designed a survey and information materials tailored to women to encourage and enable them to contribute meaningfully to discussions about mining across the country.

TI Zambia consultation

Transparency International Zambia is supporting women to meaningfully participate in consultations through the environmental impact assessment process by partnering with the government’s independent environmental regulator.


Report: advancing gender equality to combat corruption in mining
You can download these stories in one report.

This short report collates the series of stories above, providing a snapshot of TI’s global efforts to promote gender equality in their work to address corruption in the mining sector.