TIMELINE - TIA and the national anti-corruption commission

Transparency International Australia has consistently called for a strong and independent national anti-corruption and pro-integrity commission.

Transparency International Australia first made the call for a Commonwealth agency dedicated to preventing and stopping federal government corruption


TIA continued to call for an anti-corruption and pro-integrity commission in the media, to our supporters and to parliament


TIA contributed to consultations around the national anti-corruption plan


TIA hosted a national anti-corruption forum to hear from political parties and their approaches to fighting corruption


Australia dropped out of the top ten least-corrupt countries on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. TIA again called for Australia to introduce an integrity commission to reverse this decline.


TIA partnered with the Australia Institute and others to host a conference on accountability, helping to kick off further debate for a federal integrity agency alongside other state and territory agencies.


TIA provided a submission with key design recommendations to a senate select committee


The Senate Select Committee on a National Integrity Commission referenced our National Integrity System Assessment project with Griffith University as the key input into the design of this reform.


TIA published a comprehensive report in partnership with Griffith University, which detailed the key design principles of a strong and independent national anti-corruption and pro-integrity commission


TIA’s experts were central to the design of the pathbreaking legislation introduced by Cathy McGowan MP in 2018, Helen Haines MP and then the Australian Greens in 2020.


TIA continued to participate in the former Coalition Government and current Labor Governments’ consultation processes on the reform